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Theoretical - Online Clan Bank tracking system

I've been bouncing around various ideas of how to extend the Celtic Heroes DB site to have more useful features. Mostly because I want to offer features that are helpful to the playerbase, but also partly because it creates unusual challenges I don't usually face in my day-to-day work!

One of the ideas that has been floating around the back of my mind for the past few weeks is a Clan Bank tracking system.

Current Idea
1 - A clan leader registers an account on the website, submitting their server name and clan name to create a Clan Bank*,
2 - The leader can search for and add items to their clan bank in various quantities.
3 - Other clan members can apply to join the clan bank, applications will be viewable and acceptable/rejectable by clan leaders.
4 - Clan members can be promoted to different ranks (each rank has all previous abilities),
---a. Viewers can only see what is in the clan bank, and how many items there are of each.
---b. Editors can add new items to the bank, and change quantities for existing items (drop captains, for example)
---c. Leaders can accept/reject new applications and assign player ranks (possibly view item change history as well).
5 - Ability to export your clan bank as a backup (or if you want to change to a different system).

* If someone already created a clan bank for that server and clan name (someone not in the clan, for trolling purposes), there would be a way to dispute a created clan bank, where I'll step in and make sure that the correct clan has control over the associated bank.

Reasoning behind this idea
Different clans have different gear tracking systems, at one point I was in a clan that mostly tracked gear by pictures - the gear captains took screenshots of each item, and if we had more than one of an item, the number was simply edited on top of the image. That way players could see the stats when perusing the clan bank, though there was no way to search for a specific item.
On the other hand, another clan might keep track of items in an online excel or google spreadsheet document, and list item stats and quantities there.

The idea behind this would be to (hopefully) create a helpful and easy to use system to track what is (and has been) in the clan bank, with the goal of making it easy for leaders (to keep it updated) and players (to see what the bank has).

Possible Future Extensions
Down the road a system like this could possibly be extended into several other functionalities as well. Such as:
1 - Tracking which items a player has received from the bank, allowing leaders to see what players already requested
2 - Boss Kill tracker, leaders can submit and track each kill by time, date, drops, and possibly players present.
3 - A DKP tracking system possibly based off of the Boss Kill tracker (though this would be a bit trickier to implement since different clans/servers have different methods of gear distribution).

Please note that this is not a suggestion that VR implement a system like this (though that would be really cool!), this would be another feature added on to the celticheroesdb.com site. I haven't started developing anything yet, it's currently just an idea that I've had and wanted to get some feedback from the general community. It would be a pretty big project that will take quite a bit of time, and there isn't much of a point in creating it if it's not going to be used!

What do you think?
Would you and/or your clan use a system like this (laid out as described above)? If not, what other features would it need to become more attractive to you?

What other changes/additions do you have that could make it more useful?
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Re: Theoretical - Online Clan Bank tracking system

I like the idea:

Constructive comments:
Part of the promote/privilege-granting system needs to have an option to transfer owner rights (transfer of power).
Also, obligatory warning on mediating disputes :lol:
Would be really cool if you could export the bank into an excel/PDF file (showing list/quantity/stats of items).
Be able to make user-defined categories as clan bank organization varies between clans.
Mobile-friendly, this is a must for many clans as most people want to be able to play/time/chat/log/request exclusively from their phone.

A boss-tracking/dkp system sounds like a lot of work but would be very cool.

I think there is potential for clan to use this type of system, but I'm sure it would take a bit of playing around to get used to (bugs out too :D :P) and a decent transition time, but definitely intriguing.

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