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Arcane Annihilation - How Did Your Clan / Server Do?

First off, thanks for the Arcane Annihilation weekend; you asked the community for their views, then actually listened to the response and implemented things quickly after the vote! I’m sure a couple of the hardcore players are a bit burnt out now but what a great bit of fun that really was, and what an excellent chance for us to gear so many of our clannies with DG, as well as kill plenty of fun end-game bosses!

I thought it might be interesting to do some server activity benchmarking to see how we did against each other. I’m sure some engineer / MIT hero will correct my math but here goes!

The way I see it, the event was 72 hours, and the spawn rate on gele and prime was 6 hours, meaning that time-wise there could theoretically have been 11 gele and prime spawns and 11 possible kills of each given that they cant be instakilled). I am ignoring the post-reset kills after the event ended and basing 11 possible kills of each on the assumption of 15 minute kills either simultaneously or sequentially per boss; yeah, your server might be faster or slower at one boss or the other, or at different times, blah blah, they’re just my stated assumptions and it’s just a bit of benchmarking, to see where we’re at, chill! :)

I thought it would be interesting to see how clans / servers did in terms of how many kills of each boss they killed. This isn’t intended to cause fights or bragginess (even though it will, I’m sure), but I just thought it would be a cool way to compare things across servers!

How many of each boss did your clan kill excluding the reset after the event?
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