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Re: Quality of Life Improvements

Xsyklz wrote:To add to what should be considered quality of life.
Reduce the drop rate of e shield, e boost, e harvest. And all other neglected skills to be as rare as apostate spawns.

There's a reason the skills aren't used. You can't make them desirable just dilutes the boss drop table.

E boost is actually a great skill, good for when lixes are in a shortage, and to avoid reliance on sigils(because they hurt your dps by having to stop casting to sigil tick, unless you are a pure ice mage).

I do like that you suggested a drop rate reduction instead of removal, because people ruined decent ideas in the past with that(I would have liked to see how a warrior tank using a godly bandage wounds mordy brace would have done in 2013, but people were stuck thinking it was automatically bad). I don't think changing the rates is the way to go though.
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Re: Quality of Life Improvements

When I look at what's been done since VR took over from OTM I think VR won't spend much time and resources to add/fix/balance this game. They probably think this game has designed or ran wrongly to be able to change or fix things. To them the game won't be profitable enough to spend resources on it.

We dont know the financial details. We community want this game to run for years more and willing to spend money if they give us a playable and enjoyable game.

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