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Re: Which class is the most fun to use?

I personally quite like playing a hybrid Druid at the moment. Enough damage and heals to be helpful in different ways at bosses. Warrior is also fairly nice, simply due to them being a bit overpowered on their survivability/damage.
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Re: Which class is the most fun to use?

I think any class can be fun depending upon what you like to play.
But yeah much of it can stem from how hard they are, what kinda of progress/damage/dying you expect, and how well your chosen class fits into your expected load.

I really like warrior (good all around), but my girlfriend really likes the burst damage in rogues.

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Re: Which class is the most fun to use?

Kaliset wrote:
Surya707 wrote:Warrior 8-)

Is it really fun with your gear too ? I saw you in arena in event. Your HP dont even go down a bit with that gear lol. ;)

But yeah as a warrior I find warriors fun, either tank or DPS.

Oh I like the class regardless of all the gear I got ;)

The option to switch to either dps or tank at endgame, coupled with levelling being super easy made it too hard to pass up.
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