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Which class is the most fun to use?

Im an OG player from 2012 making his return after a 3 year long break

I wanna start a new character

However I wana play something fun

I dont wana play and bore myself to death

So which class is gonna be the most exciting?
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Re: Which class is the most fun to use?

Most popular answers I’ve seen throughout the years are mages and druids. People find druids to only be fun at eg though and they’re a pain in the ass to level so I would say mage. Playing a mage right now and I enjoy it more than any other class I’ve played.
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Re: Which class is the most fun to use?

For my personal opinion all class are fun to use. I play them all and theyre all fun to use.
Play all class and if youre having fun in that class then you got your answer. Only you will know the answer to your question.
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Re: Which class is the most fun to use?

Have to agree with Skerwald and Prince... all comes down to preference and style of play. I personally really enjoy Warrior for it’s simplicity. I’ve been trying to get into Ranger though and it seems pretty fun.

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