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Which Bosses Event Would You Like to See Next?

Poll ended at Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:45 am You may select 1 option

Monster Madness (Necro, Hrungir)
Total votes: 17 (11%)
Arcane Annihilation (Gelebron, Proteus Prime)
Total votes: 123 (82%)
New Kids On the Block (Bloodthorn, Dhiothu)
Total votes: 10 (7%)
Total votes: 150

Which Boss Event Would You Like to See Next?

Hello Heroes,

With the Legacy Dragon event concluded, players have expressed their desire to defeat other bosses at a faster rate. So we have created this poll for you to vote to pick the next Boss Spawn event in game!

Feel free to comment and suggest other bosses or similar challenging monsters if you don't see it as one of the options above!

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