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Over a week response?

Is anyone else having support take over a week to respond to a ticket? All I have a change the username because an android player has the same which is me because I played on Android previous phones ago, now it says account conflict pw, username needs to be changed. All they have to do is add ios to the end of my username and say hey it’s done but it seems like it’s taking forever, I even sent them the Apple receipt of over $150 on plat. Seems slow to respond, I am loosing interest in playing because I’m not going to grind the levels again. Like what are they gana email me in a month once I loose interest? Feels like they’re loosing players and money because of this.

Re: Over a week response?

So they finally did respond but they said the username and email but when I go to reset the password it says wrong username or email, stating the email is not linked to the account as I have tried all my emails... replied stating the email is incorrect, now waiting for another reply just waiting to play the game :)

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