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Re: Where to raise the level? 77-100 lvl

domenrus2019 wrote:Where to raise the level? In what locations to raise the level? Now I'm level 77. The pirates in the fingals cave are over for me.

You will want to go to the Otherworld, which you can get to through Stonevale.
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Re: Where to raise the level? 77-100 lvl

Yep u can go to otherworld to level further or go to Carrowmore. I believe the mobs start at around level 90 in carrow though so it might be best to either stick it out with pirates for a few more levels or go to otherworld
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Re: Where to raise the level? 77-100 lvl

77-88 -> pirates or other world eyes
88-98 -> carrowmore scorpions or other world eyes
98-110 -> swamp in ow
110-120 -> wraiths in ow
120-125 -> blackstones in ow
125-155 -> boggans in carrowmore
155-175 -> bolgs in carrowmore
175-180 -> snorri pit
180-220+ -> tower
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Re: Where to raise the level? 77-100 lvl

Grind to 80 using any method, lvl from 80-85 on island pirates and the surrounding serpents, at 85 kill green eyes to 87/88, move onto purple eyes until 93, green eyes to 97, and then kelpies/trees to finish up at 100
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