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Revenants of Arawn Down Gelebron!

Day 3 of Revenants in Arawn and we managed to down Gelebron!
Drops were dark blade of solar flames, majestic ring of light heal, and majestic ring of nature’s touch.
Proud of everyone in the clan! :D

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Re: Revenants of Arawn Down Gelebron!

Surprised it took as long as it did for people to finally leave. Gz and glad there is some excitement back on arawn.

Beat resurgence in a lock battle too so gz again
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Re: Revenants of Arawn Down Gelebron!

Bout time people left and actually made a clan worth being in. Good jobe fahbimbo, and gz on gele
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Re: Revenants of Arawn Down Gelebron!

Congrats to rev on locking and killing gelebron.. resurgence has also retained the ability to kill bt as well.. should be a interesting time on the server..

Already saw a insulting comment on this thread towards res clan and the people who remained.. many people stayed so they think it’s a clan worth being in.. I would ask that mods please do diligents on this thread and keep it clean from people who are clearly looking to start drama and change the subject from what rev accomplished at gelebron.. they did a great job at lock battle, no need to start drama with underhanded insults on forums :)

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