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Strongest servers?

Just curious as to what players think the strongest servers are for killing eg bosses. I havent been on many servers, but im assuming the
top 5 would be something around this (in no sepcific order, although epona first).


Maybe im wrong, just assuming! Let me know what you think.

Re: Strongest servers?

There isn’t many ways to quantify “strongest” since that can mean amount of players total, most EG players, best gear, amount of bosses killed, highest damage output, rankings on Leaderboards, etc.

All servers have been doing pretty good recently tbh. The last server left to kill Bloodthorn is now killing it frequently and (to my knowledge) all servers are now killing Bloodthorn.

You can quantify “strongest servers” as servers killing Dhio, but considering only a very small amount of servers actually do (for now at least :twisted:), it’s really up to opinion.

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