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Re: My character stuck online

Unfortunately due to the time difference, VR won't be back in the office for another 12 hours or so (as of this post time it's 10pm in Bangkok, and according to their website, their hours are 10am-7pm).

I'm sure they are in the middle of a fix for the logging issues, and this seems like it's probably part of that, so hopefully by tomorrow it will be fixed.
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Re: Logging not works

Been an ongoing issue since last night for me and several others on Rosmerta server, I am using name and password to log in, wifi. Some log ins take 5-6 attempts before i am able to get in. It sticks on a loading screen not any one in particular all of them. Then i close and reopen and keep trying. Last night I also had issues using the tavern ley. Same problem.

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