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Re: The call for help

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:24 am
by klv
The Adventurer wrote:Hail, Heroes!

I have come to you in these trying times, hopeful that I am worthy of your aid. An old foe is on the brink of an evolution, an aggregate of power.

This foe’s devout supporters are searching for ways to increase their influence through the lands of Dal Riata. While amassing the wealth necessary to drain our heroes from the ability to barter and become stronger, they are also seeking items of incredible mystery and power.

During my travels, Jaryn the smuggler told me of trail wagon ransacked, set ablaze and trampled while it was headed to the Eastern Docks. This wagon looked ordinary, even somewhat rickety, but what our foe didn’t know was how special the cargo really was.

There is a time sensitive mission I must complete. I must recruit a team of heroes strong enough to guide me to where I know this treasure to be kept. If we do not find it soon, I fear that the kingdom itself will be at risk. Our foe is already strong, and this will only make things worse. It’s only a matter of time. Broon sends warning that the power, if assembled and imbued, could give its wielder the ability to change the landscape here, forever.

Heroes, will you help me, your friends, your kingdom, when I call for your aid?

The Adventurer

Event Status: On Hold
Nuada: On Deck!
Danu: On Deck!
Sulis: Stay tuned
Lugh: Stay tuned
Donn: Stay tuned
Balor: Stay tuned
Rhiannon: Stay tuned
Arawn: Stay tuned
Belenus: Stay tuned
Lir: Stay tuned
Gwydion: Stay tuned
Fingal: Completed
Herne: Completed
Morrigan: Completed
Crom: Completed
Taranis: Completed
Epona: Completed
Mabon: Completed
Rosmerta: Completed