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Re: Global Auction House

I wouldnt oppose the idea of a global AH if it was limited to plat items. Plat can be used across servers, so allowing the items you buy with plat to cross servers isnt that much of a stretch.

When I first started playing I (like most people) had no idea what my server would be like. The game chose the server for me. Allowing plat items to be sold in a way that allows multiple servers to buy it will provide a boost to those servers who arent fortunate enough to have big plat buyers and may actually encourage the buying if plat and chests

But things gained specifically on that server through quests or bossing shouldnt be able to cross servers. If you're going to do that then you night as well allow full blown server transfers.
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Re: Global Auction House

Lucerin wrote:
finalblow wrote:
Lucerin wrote:

You would be upset that your system of not killing Gelebron, BT, and Dhiothu was interrupted by people killing Gelebron, BT, and Dhiothu?

There are servers out there that can’t kill EG. Players aren’t going to take a chance migrating and then losing again. Smart players wouldn’t. I’d be seeking out an underpop server to get the ball rolling.

As far as im aware there is no server that cant kill bt, certainly not bele lol. I dont play there anymore but it was killed day of spawn if not on spawn every spawn, same for gele

So every server is doing well enough that they are killing BT and Gelebron regularly?

This isn’t a question on whether they ever have killed, but are able to continue providing the necessary playerbase to kill the end game bosses.

If you are telling me every server is completely capable of downing Bloodthorn and Gelebron, right now, I’d be surprised.

However, in that case, this entire argument is moot. Then all servers are healthy enough that no server will suffer significant damage from a global economy standpoint.

You completely glossed over the fact that it would force a open market to closed marked servers smh lol

Re: Global Auction House

Eurydice wrote:The balance between number of people you compete with on a server and the benefit you get from having a large player base is important, as soon as you open the economies of active servers to inactive servers then you end up with people who will be net gainers and those who are net losers. People don't play this game to support other servers nor should they have to.

This does feel like a bunch of people who want to move servers trying to find an alternative, which I can totally sympathise with having spent like a year making a new toon but I don't think that destroying all the unique economies that have been built is a good way to do that..

Ya I'd agree w that, there'd be a certain degree of disruption as well.
Especually if you allowed say drops for example.

Y'know dom clans go to great lengths to make sure other clans don't get drops, that's part of their advantage.
Looking at other servers to subsidize your server with raid and boss item isn't really a solution.
As w any comp server everybody gears their own players and does what they can w that.
The ability to import items to a serger where they'd otherwise not be available outside certain clans,
would def affect the dynamic of both servers.
The comp server by bypassing the comp process w foreign items.
ThenI'd assume "free servers" which are now supplementing the comp server, would have their prices skyrocket due to the potential demand for items from comp servers.
Essentially supplying comp clans w items they would otherwise noit have to help them fight dom clans on a game wide scale.
So potentiallly the "free" servers would be supplying every comp clan on every other server game wide, due to the fact dom clans tend not to.sell drops, neither do most comp clans, logically the "free servers" would be the supplier of the items, that's where they would come from most likely, to the "free" servers detriment.
They would benefit nothing from.this exchange, all of these items are readily available.on these servers. No clans are hoarding them all.

So ya, boiled down to its purest element,
it kinda sounds lore like people aren't happy w their servers and are looking for alternative solutions other then xferring.
Y'know if your server is dead, unfortunately you may wanna look into other options.
For whatever reason ppl didn't decide to go to that server.

That may be an advantage tbh.
Its essentially a clean slate, your server can be whatever you wanna make it.
The achilles heel of a free server is over crowding, that just the reality of it.
Given under crowding may be the issue, you may wanna adopt a different approach to attract players.
Especially as other servers become.over crowded ppl will look for other avenues.
Most likely a server w a similar ideology.
Incase ya haven't noticed there's a balance, people like comp but a lot seem to really dislike dom servers and are walking away from them in droves.
So if you don't really have comp, aren't a dom server and your server is basically dead.
Why not adopt the free approach n hope to attract overflow as an alt solution?
As opposed to syphoning off other servers, to subsidize your own.

If your server is being choked to death by a dom clan, let them kill it.
You do have the option to leave them there, if enough ppl do it eventually they will be there alone and never be able to.xfer out either.
I'm sure some of them would love the idea of being alone on a server, that's the totalitarian dream lol.

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