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Re: Global Castle Feedback

Gladiators are now shared between all servers? They were nearly impossible before, especially for support toons, now they are functionally impossible.

The castle is a lag-fest and the AH is virtually unusable.

What are the good aspects of merging the castle? What value did it add to the gaming experience?

Re: Global Castle Feedback

Need to give it a couple weeks and wait for fixes to come before anyone can give a proper judgement. I predict in a couple weeks time the castle will die down... its only been out for not even an hour. And yea, move gladiators out lol. Should have been done already
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Re: Global Castle feedback

You want my feedback you messed up get castle back to normal I can't load ah I can't move I get spammed with dual request gladiators are now shared with all servers.... If I was a new player and I walked into that I would instantly quit because it shows that this company has no clue what they are doing.
Change the castle back to single server..... This is the worse update I've ever seen

Re: Global Castle feedback

Woni wrote:This is the worse update I've ever seen


They only messed up one zone. The servers aren't laggy all around. The game doesn't crash. They actually fixed a fair number of bugs, don't seem to have reintroduced old ones or too many new ones.

But, IMO, the decision to make the castle a global zone is ridiculous, at least at first blush. There doesn't seem to be any player upside that we didn't already get from the global arena... and we lost a lot.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Personally I enjoy a cross-castle. I think it's cool and i can be there to hangout without fighting everyone. But there are a few issues.

1) The shared gladiator kills. This function either should be completely removed from the game or moved elsewhere.
2) Loading the castle is troublesome, right now particularly. Waiting a full minute is a little annoying, but not horrible.
3) A chat filter for other server players would be nice so then you can only see chat by those in your server.

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Re: Global Castle feedback

Ya this feature didn't need to be added, it serves no purpose as far as I can tell.
Unless they're inching us towards a globalist economy down the line, or wanna make dead/dieing servers seem busier.

The castle is now a place to be avoided, its too chaotic to read, laggy as hell, and really hard to deal trades n deals.
So tavern is prob the spot to be now, only hit castle if needed, for bounties, banking amd ah. Even then if the bounty board moved w banker, just go back to old school yelling.

Basically they tried to fix something that wasn't broken, and broke it.
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