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Re: Favorite fash

Fashion set #1 (better on females)
Black lugh mask
Effect black regalia top
Effect black regalia bottom
Effect regalia boots
Effect regalia gloves

Fashion set #2
Frosty black midwinter hat
Effect auroral top
Effect auroral bottom
Effect auroral gloves
Effect auroral boots

Re: Favorite fash

Best set I think I owned was white spooky hunter and spooky white huntsman mask, all og too by far my favourite

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Re: Favorite fash

My favorite sets are different between the two sexes:

Purple party hat + purple lanrik set (sparkling or not) and a broom of witchcraft to complete the look. (Female).

Blessed White Yule Crown + White Hunter (spooky or not). (Male).

Re: Favorite fash

So for my Lady it will be the white sunlit set,

And for my Lord, saw the violent hole made in the bank account after the acquisition of the white sunlit set as a wedding gift of Madam,
it will be the bathrobe version downhill bed - the white charm of the Royal (flawless all the same because it is not necessary that Madam is ashamed of Monsieur)

Simple and classic as style :)
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Re: Favorite fash

Blue or Red Lanrik is my cup of tea.
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