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New content?

I’m creating this topic to see everyone’s idea on new content in the future updates to come, what areas would you like to see, what skills would you want implemented, what fashion would you like to see, etc... so let’s get into it. :POP:

Starting on skills, a warrior skill that would bring swords back, only usable with sword(like rupture) that delivers 4 quick strikes to the opponent and these strikes can crit or even miss. For example. “Gloku used Barbarian Strike on Training Dummy.” This would bring swords back to the game and give us warriors more options for weapons instead of just axes or a spear.
For a Druid creating a skill similar to life steal a rogue uses now. This skill would deal weapon damage with bonuses from nature magic and focus. For example “Gloku casts Odin Strike on Training Dummy.” This would make it easier to level druids and excite more players to play as a Druid.
[For mage rogue and ranger I would like to see what you guys come up with and add to comments, or even add on to these ideas I’ve seen on forums recently] :idea:

New areas, oh yeah! Everyone loves new areas :lol: ! For my idea I would say we could put use to the Lirs Reach Stone Circle near Eastern Docks. For the Stone Circle it could teleport us to the almighty land of Asgard (where Thor and Odin are from.) Or even to The Isle of Tír (Home of Danu and other Irish deities known as Tuatha Dé Danann, which translates to “People of the Goddess Danu.”
The Eastern Docks boats could take us to a reptilian Humanoid isle where we could further enchant our weapons and armor to have poison damage and other buffs. :mrgreen:

That’s it for my input what could be, I’d love to see your replies and ideas! Thanks for reading!
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