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Re: Comp servers

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:35 am
by bob the mage
Zkills wrote:I’m not characterizing servers, i was talking about the idea behind dominance/competition and why I think they don’t suite a game like this as well as a free server would. People have their own tastes and I get that, but in my eyes I simply see free servers working out a lot better than dom/competitive servers and the recent rise in Epona transfers goes to show it. Again, I’m not bashing servers or clans so don’t take my words out of context and then create an argument out of it.

Refer to my first post on the previous page.

The only reason we responded way we did is you stated it a matter of a global fact rather than a personal preference.
Everyone has there personal preference over what kind of server they prefer to play on, why there are so many different server styles. No one can really say as a result of one is better than another.