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Re: Comp servers

Lawsdog222 wrote:
Schwing wrote:This is actually a really good question, is there such a thing as friendly competition in CH? Or does it always end up being hostile?

You gotta look at the people that play not the game they play.
in all honesty on danu server it really comes down to what medications and illness players have.(undiagnosed as well)

that’s my alternative honest experience playing this game from the beginning.
you cant seriously believe that a servers dynamics are dependant on how many plyers are medicated and how many arent...thats honestly the most ridiculous far fetched idea that i have heard in years
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Re: Comp servers

Closed beta shouldn’t be of concern for those not apart of it anyways, it’s why VR says NOT to leak out any info related to closed beta because unfathomable like this happens... but apparently some people just can’t help themselves. Exact same thing we saw with the CG closed beta
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Re: Comp servers

Jonlionhartff7 wrote:Free players willl never participate in closed or open beta, this is the reality. But if your a "whale" or a youtuber your always and 100% sure play open or closed beta. If you accept reality, you will be happy. Happy gaming. :lol:

Absolutely ridiculous statement. Plenty of free to play players have been excepted into closed betas.

Players that are active and constructive on the forums, as well as those who show they are at least some part knowledgeable of the game, are the ones that going to be chosen for closed beta. Almost feel like the people who complain about not being selected aren't going to be selected :o.
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Re: Comp servers

Sweefish wrote:I love a little competition, however, with the current stated acceptance of loot systems that only allow for truly good drops to land once every 6 months (that’s a hyperbole truly good drops don’t even drop that often) it’s hard not to take a hardcore approach at cutting out competition. Last summer one of the three Gele that competition outlocked Relentless dropped the only shadow tank axe to ever drop in Gwydion. (Still waiting for a shadow or godly dagger from Gele). The fact that one of the few times a best of class item dropped was when competition won the lock causes me to either a) choke out the ability for competition to play end game bosses or b) implore the game developers to improve drop rates of good gear.

Since developers have made it clear they don’t want to improve drop rates we have no choice but to choke out competition so we don’t lose that rare drop again.

I fully realize that this means people in the nondominant clan will end up quitting but that’s the model the developers have chosen.

Had something similar to that happen on Bele. Comp clan has had 3? I think gele kills and one of them happened to drop a godly Havoc. As for comp on Bele we only ever had two equal clans back in the stonevale days. Besides that it has been pretty much dominated by one clan and currently I'd say we "choked out" the comp clan. Which leads a good amount of trash talk and just a toxic environment in general.
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Re: Comp servers

Warsong wrote:How about them comp servers?

Horrible things run by dictators, admins shouldn't even allow them to exist!

Onto the question posed by Schwing, friendly competition probably exists on most servers. There's always the few players that can't help but talk smack or grief and cause a lot of problems. Take Herne for example, the majority of the people in the two opposing clans are nice to each other. However there are those few people from each clan who don't like each other in any way and because of that things happen between the two clans. There's no enforcement by leaders to keep the server anti griefing and trash talk. If their is enforcement on a server there can easily be completely clean and friendly competition because those who want to ruin the fun for others will be punished.
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Re: Comp servers

Come on play nice, let’s stick to the original question, inter clan dynamics is an interesting topic without derailing it by trying to drag in other grievances.

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Re: Comp servers

Schwing wrote:This is actually a really good question, is there such a thing as friendly competition in CH? Or does it always end up being hostile?

To be honest, I think the game is designed in a way where healthy competition isn’t viable.

The bosses are designed to require monolithic clans, of which servers can’t support multiple off due to populations. I think there’d be a lot more if some of the bigger bosses had their loot tables broken up into smaller bosses, which would promote competition and clans to fight for their share of drops, whereas currently most servers only have one BT killing servers (excluding co-op servers ofcourse)

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Re: Comp servers

Eurydice2 wrote:Are there any comp servers where the clans are relatively evenly matched and also nice to each other?... Just asking for a friend :D

Not arawn :D

Edit: Just to clarify, Arawn is the farthest from Eury’s idea.
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