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Re: Will chests with actual mounts return?

This would be op.
New lux mounts too!!!

I’m also still on team increase chest content to 3 min items 5 max items to correspond to the massive increase in stuff that’s been well... stuffed into the chests :lol:
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Re: Will chests with actual mounts return?

+1 ventius. Fashion tokens out of chests..perhaps make them part of daily log in reward.
And to my knowledge you can still get the old mounts from chests? Increasing the chances of those and more desirable items won’t ever be an unpopular idea I bet. :)
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Re: Will chests with actual mounts return?

Ventius wrote:Remove fash tokens and add more chance for mounts

+1 Fashion Tokens were one of the worst ideas emplaced in my personal opinion lol
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Re: Will chests with actual mounts return?

Argos wrote:I know there were aeon chests released having all of the old mounts in them but the chests now only contain mount tokens. Can you only get a mount by mount tokens now? If so, will chests with actual mounts return?

You can click on the chests and see the “drop rates”
In a percentage based format are. :) but yes you can still get old mounts.

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