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Auto Saving Issues?

When can we expect these auto saving issues to be fixed? We spend 2:30 mins running to snorri and relog to release mob aggro just to log back in at dark cavern leystone again. Today, I did this and logged back in with 7 mins left on a hero combo I had popped like 20 mins before snorri. The xp remained the same but I gained another 7mins on hero combo. Also happens at Unox a lot. Fix the Auto save issues please. It’s annoying
World: Belenus: Elementals
YourTankIsHigh 220 Warrior
Inhale 195+ Rogue (on its way to endgame)

World: Arawn : Colours
ZeroSkillGaming 221 Rogue
ZeroMagicGaming 221 Mage
ZeroLocksGaming 190 Lock Rogue
ZeroChillGaming 190 Lock Ranger

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