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Re: Some New Info On The Next Update (In Gifs)

Ugh... Is the new area going to be a global one and is crom or some other insanely tough boss going to be in it? If so, may i suggest that all in the area be given credit for the kill not just the lock group? Maybe have each person recives one op drop that is no trade (and very useful) per kill. Otherwise you will just see fighting and ppl never being able to get the drops. Should probably make it so only ppl in clans that have killed gele and bt can get the drops as well or you will have a thousand nubs that cant even down base standing in the area waiting for free goodies.
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Re: Some New Info On The Next Update (In Gifs)

Lawsdog222 wrote:5. Piggyback - shared rides or something shared u heard it here first.

Yes I need it to be easy to transport my alt while duel deviceing 1+
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