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Re: DoTs are so bad that if....

Just Moon wrote:
Warsong wrote:
Just Moon wrote:A change would make druids pretty much unbeatable as they can already out dps everything else at eg if running a dps / mele hybrid with high atk and baras with corresponding lures. Dot's could probably do with a change but it depends what the cost will be weather it would be a good thing or not.

With this statement lol. Unbeatable is what gets me :lol: out dps everything else at eg :roll:

It'd definitely be a good thing. It'd let people have fun for starters. It'd also be less annoying.

Once again you miss quote me as i never said unbeatable i said pretty much unbeatable which is slightly different so please only attribute statements to me i actualy make for accuracy sake. In the quote if you read it right i say dots could probably do with a change.. Which bit of that do you read as me saying there should not be a change? You say it would deffinately be a good thing yet have no idea how it would work in reality and what adjustments would be made to compensate.. please insert the roll eyes thing for me i dont know where it is :-)

Druids aren't even close to being unbeatable. That's why it makes me laugh you even used the word. I do have an idea how it would work. Easy adjustment is adding to to bosses. 10-20%. Nerfing the damage on melee classes wouldn't be an option. It'd make them useless if you could auto more then a DoT skills total dmg output.

Easy. At least in the sense of forums. Hard part is getting VR to fix DoTs, bugs, and gameplay instead of trying to add new crap.
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Re: DoTs are so bad that if....

Just Moon wrote:
xXzeemXx wrote:
Just Moon wrote:
Simple vines and bees are dot sneaky isnt same as druids can cast strike and touch simultaneously wile a rogue cannot cast rend or spite at the same time lol. Different mechanics so they don't compare well ;-) . My point was druids are compensated for double dots by necro totem rings making mele viable with skills.

Untill a second dps druid exists and now casting DoTs lowers ur overall dps, that or one druid must sacrifice and never use his DoTs.
Thing is no other class suffers from this issue, and druids shouldn’t /:

You ever seen a druid get bt kill? At bt bees are useless so druids are down to one dot like mages yet can still get kill over mages with no attune or equivalent to a mages hybrid fire and ice set up. With that in mind they are like a weak mage yet still get kill how? Because they can run skills plus auto with baras and a mage can't. So yeah druids are the only class with two dot's but their also the only caster that can auto effectively so you take the good with the bad and make the most of it.

Yes i have, but druids, unlike mages, still miss out on a decent amount of dps once 2 dps druids exist. So not only u lose bees at BT, u also lose vines.

Re: DoTs are so bad that if....

The best solution that i have hard so far (i forget where so cant quote it) is leave the damage of dot skills as is but just reduce the damage based on number active. 1 vines on the boss would deal 100% damage, 2 vines both would deal 90% down to a cap of lets say 50% having 5+ vines on the boss. This way nobody is nerfed in leveling from a weaker dot that stacks and you can have as many on the boss as you like
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