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Re: Game Broke

Can confirm Lir and Morrigan are currently down.

Have tried logging into both servers to no avail. Guess we will play the waiting game now.
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Re: Game Broke

Pretty sure we can break this down to the entire game, not individual servers. This happened before, during December, and a reset was quick to ensue. It's currently night for them and also the weekend, so I wouldn't get your hopes up for a reset today.
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Re: Game Broke

this is sicko mode
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Re: Unable to attack any mobs

vpy wrote:Is something wrong with CH?
I am unable to attack any mobs both in a fresh toon or in any existing toon?
The mobs just stand still in the game.

As the whole thread is about people having problems with ch it would suggest there is something wrong with ch at the moment ;-)

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