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In Honor of Spectralon

I drew this to one of the clan leaders of bd as a Christmas gift.
When I first started getting into CH, Spec told me about ld (Lazy Drunks) and I told her it didn't look good on my resume. Lol. But then I found myself in its feeder clan, Baby Drunks. Spec has been a great friend to me, and I really appreciate her advice and leadership while the chief has been away. And, in this case, inspiration :D


Thank you so much Spec. Been an honor being your clannie.

Here in the sky-breath it rides,
In Dal Riata abides,
With a heart of dragon's fire,
And with an honored desire,
Is known through this feeder clan,
A cornerstone, foundation,
Feared even by Gelebron,
The high name of Spectralon.

Angmar Reid—Herne—169 Warrior
RagingRedhead—Danu—186 Warrior (currently more active)
I don’t rage quit, I ginger snap.

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