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Another Drawing

So this wasn't requested by anyone, just something I put together a few days ago. Finished it about two days ago, actually, but had some trouble logging into the forums with my phone... still need to figure that out...
Anyway, hope you all like it! One of my favorites, actually.


You have faced the darkest, mightiest foes,
You have had crimson blood drawn from your brow,
You have been pushed to the utmost limit,
You have seen allies fall by the minute,
And though you’re weary, you dare travel far,
Yet, despite all of this here you still are,
Oh great Highlander, how far will you go?
“Far as I must. I’m a Celtic Hero.”

Angmar Reid—Herne—169 Warrior
RagingRedhead—Danu—186 Warrior (currently more active)
I don’t rage quit, I ginger snap.

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