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Fishing Lvl 160-170

So I’m currently levelling my fishing at the left side of the bridge at Otherworld, but I’m trying to find the next spot to go to.
Murky seems to be 170-180. I’ve rode through OW to see if there are any ponds 160-170 but can’t find any. Carrow I can’t even make it to the despo cave to fish there so I’m hoping it’s not the right area.

Does anyone know where the place to lvl fishing 160-170 is please?

Help appreciated :)

Re: Fishing Lvl 160-170

Impious-Bele wrote:
ImMinecraftMike wrote:Hi where is the best place 130-159 please

Pretty sure 130-140 is fingals, 140-150 is otherworl by the bridge, and 150-160 is in the sewers

Thank you
Under construction ?150+
Under construction ?190+

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