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Guide to Cooking Bosses

With the new cooking updates, players are able to buff themselves by eating cooked food. Premium recipes and ingredients are found from killing cooking bosses. The ingredients that the bosses drop are used to cook the recipes that they drop. The recipes are very rare though, so feel lucky when you come by one!

Recipes Dropped by Cooking Bosses
1. Truffled Quail Eggs
-Eat to boost Focus by 240 and Health by 800 for 5 minutes.
-Requires black truffle and quail eggs.
2. Caviar
-Eat to boost Dexterity by 240 and Piercing Damage by 100 for 5 minutes.
-Requires beluga roe and quail eggs.
3. Filet Mignon
-Eat to boost Strength by 240 and Crushing Damage by 100 for 5 minutes.
-Requires tenderloin cut and clove of garlic
4. Goose Liver Pate
-Eat to boost Vitality by 240 and Defence by 240 for 5 minutes.
-Requires goose liver and clove of garlic
5. Pavlova
-Eat to boost Focus by 240 and Resists by 240 for 5 minutes.
-Requires black cherry and meringue
6. Lemon Meringue Pie
-Eat to gain 240 Vitality and 100 Armour for 5 minutes.
-Requires lemon curds and meringue

Cooking Bosses
These bosses (spawn time is about 15 min) require at least 2 people to kill, but the bigger the party the better. There are a total of 4 cooking bosses, one at each floor from Infernal Armouries to Forbidden Halls. You will be guaranteed to get a drop from killing these bosses, whether it is a recipe or ingredients. The following maps indicate where each boss spawns.

Culinarian Rajek (Infernal Armouries)

Culinarian Bifron (Alchemial Quarters)

Culinarian Forrus (Summoning Chambers)

Culinarian Zephar (Forbidden Halls)

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