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Re: So I made it to 170 cooking, what’s next?

ImMinecraftMike wrote:I know you can get mystery and proficiency But Is there anything else?
What do you cook at 170 still fruit cakes over and over?

Well other than maxing out mastery and proficiency you can farm marks of the dagdas for black or white cooking fash, fish and cook recipes and kill the cooking bosses which drop recipes rarely and ingredients for the 6 recipes which boost dmg, focus and vit (dps, caster and tank food)
Cooking bosses:
Infernal Armouries 190 5* in the 187 Mage room
Alchemical 200 5* otw to lvl 200 edl
Summoning chambers 210 5*
Forbidden halls 220 5*
These can be soloed at eg lvl depending on class but
It’s faster to group others or dual log if you can

Cooking boss recipe


Fishing recipe

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