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Double XP + !NEW chest!


On April 27th at 10 AM CEST, we will close the servers for maintenance for approximately 1h which will mark the end of the Dragon Demise event.
That’s not all! Because you are so awesome, with the opening of the servers, until May 4th, a Double XP increase for Combat, Cooking, and Fishing event will be activated along with the following boss spawns from the Arcane Annihilation event:

Proteus Base/Prime 8h set respawn time
Gelebron 8h set respawn time

Additionally, Dal Riata and Royal Dragon Mystery chests will be removed and no longer available within the premium shop until the next update. In their place, we will have the brand new Dark Dragon Mystery Chest.

Have fun and thank you for all of your support and reports!

- Your Celtic Heroes Team

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