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DECA Games Statement 08.07


As most of you have found out by now, yesterday everyone who allowed push notifications for Celtic Heroes received a suspicious push notification on their phones. This message was not set up nor sent by DECA and we highly recommend never clicking any links that look suspicious. We strongly believe that, when facing such events, we must be as transparent as possible with the situation and give you as much details as possible and a deeper insight into our work.

What actually happened:
At this point in our investigations, we believe that the password to the notification system was not correctly cycled in the past and the access was gained this way through the original security breach back in March.

Regarding the current attacks on our servers, while some of you might have experienced disconnects and increased lags, there was no impact to any account data. We are still evaluating internal and external solutions to battle this issue and we will update you as soon as we have more details.

Measures we took:
Our first action was to disable the notification system within minutes after the message went out.

We know that you are all very worried about your accounts and the safety of them, we have absolutely no indication or reason to believe anything was compromised. The push notification system is not connected to our game servers and no information has been compromised.

There is no beating around the bush here, the past weeks have been plagued by lag and attacks on the servers and now another unauthorized access to one of our systems and this is not acceptable. The team is working very hard on a solution for the constant attacks and lag on the servers.

Unfortunately, there was never an infrastructure in place to measure and pinpoint sources of lag in the game. Our engineering team had to start from scratch to be able to identify and fix the various sources of lag. The system to fully investigate the problem is just not here yet. Our team is currently working on implementing this tracking to understand the root cause of the lag and we already have several areas identified to improve on

We fully understand your frustration with the current situation and in order to give something back to all of you, we are already planning a new event for next week. While we continue to work on the various solutions, we still want you to enjoy your time in the game.

Once again from the whole DECA Team, we are very sorry for all the problems and thank you for the patience you still show us.

We are in this together and it’s thanks to your support that we will be able to make it through these hard times. Our community is what makes Celtic Heroes the game it is and we will never make this clear enough. Thank you for your support, we’ll be back with more updates as soon as we have new elements to share.

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