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DECA Games takes over Celtic Heroes!


DECA Games is excited to announce the acquisition of Celtic Heroes!

We have been working closely with Virtual Realms for months to make this transition happen smoothly. DECA Games is a live operations-focused publisher and a developer, and our specialty lies in taking over established games such as Celtic Heroes. Given the dedicated community the game has gathered throughout the years and the long-term potential it has, Celtic Heroes presented an opportunity we could not pass up on!

We are currently hard at work transitioning everything from Virtual Realms to DECA Games. This process will take several months and it includes everything on the technical side, as well as getting a deep understanding of the game and its mechanics.

Our main focus currently is to ensure this transition process goes smoothly so that we are well prepared for the future. You can expect a few more downtimes compared to the norm as we move things over in the coming two months. Your accounts and progress are all safe, we are not planning on making any changes there so you can continue playing as you have done till now.

After the transition is finished, the main goal for us is to ensure the game has a long and healthy future. In order for us to take over any game, we need to believe in its future. This is absolutely the case for Celtic Heroes and we are looking forward to working with you to make it happen.

We understand the importance of a healthy community. A game that runs for such a long time, can only do so with a strong and loyal community. One that probably has a lot of questions and feedback right now! You, the players, know the most about the game and you also know what you would like to see in the game. Every day we gain more understanding of the game and together with your feedback, we will be evaluating how to take the game forward. Do keep in mind this process and understanding doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect to see announcements immediately.

We invite you to use these forums to give feedback but feel free to reach out to us on any of the social platforms. We have already started going over previous feedback provided on the forums and elsewhere, but this is your chance to highlight anything old or new. You can leave feedback here.

DECA Games is looking forward to getting to know all of you. Follow us on the official channels for upcoming news.

We thank you for continuing this journey with us.

Kind Regards,

The team at DECA Games

Have a look at this post viewtopic.php?f=3&t=104208 to have a look at the Virtual Realms announcement!

Re: DECA Games takes over Celtic Heroes!


Will anything happen to my account or characters?
We are not making any changes which will impact your account, how you log in or play with your characters.

Can we expect changes to the level of customer support?
We will be moving some of the support tools over to our platforms which will impact the flow of support tickets, making it a smoother experience for both sides. You should not see any reduced support during the transition or afterwards.

Do you have plans to create new content?
Our focus right now is on the transition process and understanding the game, as well as the community needs. Once this is done we will turn our focus into figuring out what might come next for the game content wise, but at this point we have nothing to share besides ‘we are looking into it’.

Are you going to close or combine servers?
We have no immediate plans to close or combine servers, but we are exploring these options as well as the feasibility of server transfers. We understand these decisions are very impactful to the economy of each server and hence won’t be making any rash decisions.

Will you be localizing the game into other languages?
We have no plans at this point to introduce additional languages.

Will you introduce new paywalls into the game?
We have no plans to implement any monetization options which would make something previously free now cost real money.

Will you change the monetization model?
Currently we have no plans to make significant changes to the monetization model. A key part of the transition is for us to gain a deeper understanding of the monetization side and then see if any changes are needed in order to make sure we have the revenue to continue supporting the game for a long time to come. While we might introduce changes down the line, our business model is not to try to reap short term profits at the cost of the long term health and playerbase of the game.

How can I submit feedback
These forums are the ideal place for all feedback! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on twitter or facebook either. You can find the official feedback thread viewtopic.php?f=6&t=104210&p=821380#p821380, but we welcome all posts and will keep an eye on everything.

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