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Birthday Jubilations Begin July 13th, 2021!

Hello Heroes!

I am very excited to announce that Celtic Heroes' 10th Birthday Jubilation will begin on July 13th, 2021! We have several types of activities planned over the next couple of weeks that will be fun and exciting or all levels!

July 13th @ 5PM BKK (GMT +7)
New Mystery Chest - Dal Riata Mystery Chest!
New Fashion Set - Decennial Fashion Set & Sparkling Decennial Fashion Set will be available in the new mystery chest!
New Spirit Pets - Heroes will now be able to upgrade their Giant tier pet into Spirit Pets, making them stronger than ever!
New Hat Quest - Players can collect Bottled Memories from enemies in Lir's Reach and turn them in for a new cosmetic hat: Horns of Twilight (and Dreaming Horns of Twilight).
New Jubilation Elixir - Only available in the Dal Riata Mystery Chest, this elixir has the effects of a Heroic Combination Elixir with 10% increased gold drop!
New Global Arena Boss - The magical phylacteries have re-appeared in the Global Arena and a new guardian watches over them!
Increased Boss Spawn Times - Bloodthorn Bash, Dhiothu's Demise, and Arcane Annihilation are all active for a limited time. Yes! Bloodthorn, Dhiothu, Gelebron, and Proteus will all be on a 12 hour respawn time until July 26th! That's 13 days of boss slaying.

July 23rd @ 5PM BKK (GMT +7)
Legacy Boss Event - Legacy Bosses scattered across Dal Riata have returned for a limited time! Engage in a nostalgic battle with these beasts of old located all over the world! Event ends on August 2nd.

Sneak Peek at the new cosmetic items!

Sparkling Decennial Fashion Set:
Dreaming Horns of Twilight (Green):
Full Patch Details will be released in the official patch notes during server Maintenance.

- The Celtic Heroes Team

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