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Oblivione, my return, and discord

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:14 pm
by Loco cola
So as you can tell, I'm back.
I've returned to my toon "Dblattk" here. Right now level 84 with lux and Warden, getting ready to grind a bit more to the 180 area again.

Oblivione. As much as I tried I couldnt find a good clan for pre-edl. In that regard, I made oblivione. I'll be using discord to coordinate all raids, bosses, timer alerts, and more. 60 to join. We will be starting with warden/mete but soon starting off on frozen after I start using some of my lixs I got from chests.

If you're interested in joining oblivione, send me a dm with your discord account including the # four numbers. I'll invite you to the server and we'll hang out there before we start grinding bosses in a week or two.

Glad to be back, feels great!