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Re: Insanity, Wolfgang, and Elite?

Whiteyes we know ins is desperate as hell low end game clan.
And we not talking which clan is better for you but which clan is best on mabon and here WolfGang dont have competition. Sorry bro :)
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Re: Insanity, Wolfgang, and Elite?

It continues to amaze me how much you embellish stories and lie about things that happen just to boost your ego, I get it though, if I'd spent $30,000 on a game I'd lie to myself as well, to convince myself that the clan I'm in is better than it is. It must be hard to see other people succeed without wasting their money, it must be hard to see the clan you abandoned bounce back and then tell you to f*ck off when u begged for a invite back. It always makes me laugh that your only last remaining retort is "Wolfgang just have numbers", our last 5-6 gele kills have been with less than 30 people, we kill necro with 18-20. Just because you're used to wiping on bosses because your dumb enough to attempt it with 10-15 people, doesn't mean that when we throw 20 people at it, we "just have numbers", it means we're a popular clan and we're smart enough to wait until we're ready before we kill something. Wolfgang is full of brilliant players and I would take every single one of them over a melt like you who jumps ship, then chats unfathomable endlessly because his life is empty
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Re: Insanity, Wolfgang, and Elite?

Pixxie wrote:
IKFROMMABON wrote:Tbh thunder couldn't have put it better. For every 15-20 people in each clan (lets say me for arguments sake we all know im an angel) one is a D-Head. Thats life. You mentioned perspective but your ignoring the fact that those people exist in YOUR clan, just like they do in ours. You cannot possibly argue Insanity is "nicer". Its irrelevant - Idk how many times i have to say this for you to realise being nice has nothing to do with whos the better clan. Wolfgang is by far more organised and much more powerful, your clutching at straws to deceive anyone reading, which tbf i would do too if i was in the lesser clan. There is nothing an insanity member can say that shows or proves Insan is better, you cant compare a Premier League team to a conference team can you? It just makes no sense.

Just as you can't argue what better is. It's an opion. I say eating bugs is the best. And you don't agree because to you eating bugs isn't the best. You say Wolfgang is the best and I don't agree because to me Wolfgang isn't the best. I'm not clutching at any straws. I said if you want to kill gelebron try and join Wolfgang. If you want to join a clan that thinks they are the best because they can swarm any boss in the game with 40 people try and join Wolfgang. If you enjoy playing a game with your friends and don't care to kill every boss in under 8 minutes then come have fun with insanity. We kill bosses with less people, and use strategy and skills to do it. I remember a 215 6 just a couple nights ago where wg had a full group there waiting for more people to show up. Insanity got there and started it. We locked 215 6 with 5 people against the better clan. Then went on to kill it. The better clan just watched.

I didn't realise we were giving opinions? I was stating a fact. Wolfgang IS better. Anyone with common sense can see that. You got one 215/6 kill? Congrats. Your getting closer to Myrmidons level ;). Now ask me how many WG have gotten? Countless. Ask me how many Prots we've gotten? Countless. Ask me how many Mords and Necro we've gotten? Countless. I would bring up gelebron too but yall still can't even touch it after all this time lol. Your point about "oh we kill one WB every 3 months with less people" is irrelevant. All your saying is you plat zerge the occasional boss because your that desperate, and you actually question our strategy? Lol! Go ask Ruler about our strategies. He's probably watched us kill thousands of bosses by now. Or better still, come to our next raid. Gelebrons Scheduled for later, you can definitely learn a few things, like you don't have to spend $30,000 on a game to dominate it and be in the best clan around.

Re: Insanity, Wolfgang, and Elite?

Quick update for all you avid readers: we just outlocked insanity on necro and finished it in just over 10 minutes and we had less people than them. Keep chatting unfathomable Whiteyes you got nothing to show for it
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Re: Insanity, Wolfgang, and Elite?

This thread is a depressing read.

Mostly feel bad for Pixxie who tried to give the most valid advise of just playing to see which clan you prefer, rather than a bunch of idiots arguing that their clan is superior (no sh*t, why would you recommend a rival clan?).

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Re: Insanity, Wolfgang, and Elite?

Yeah we didn't stand around and watch you kill necro. Went and killed 170, 180 , 185, 195, 200 , 205, 210, 215 and then while you were killing gele we killed skain and helped some friends get some frozen bosses. You win. Your a better clan I admit it. And IK I was killing 215 when you were just making your character. And all of insanity was in wg when we first killed gelebron. Or was in elite while they were killing him. We left though and now we have fun. And yes your still giving your opinion you think Wolfgang is better. I heard you the first time. Never denied what you think because that's what you think. And I've given my opinion and so have others. Those in Wolfgang think they are the better clan. Those in insanity think that's the better clan. And our friends in Myrm think they have the better clan. That's why they are three different clans. So yes I'll stick with my advice play on the server and you'll end up where you are ment to be. Good luck have fun and welcome to Mabon.
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