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BarelyLegal Super Sale

Greetings Mabon!

I am selling a vast amount of items. Check them and message me for things you are interested and I will reply with a price.
First come, first serve and all sales are final.

Mord Gear
Darkscale Helm of Earth - +100 Magic Damage
Darkscale Helm of Secrets - 100 Focus/600 Attack/1000 HP
Shadowscale Helm of Victory - 150 Strength/800 Attack/1250 Health SOLD
Darkice Halberd of Vitality
Darklore Grimoire of Thorns
Majestic Abyssal Armlet of Natures Touch - +7 Natures Touch Boost
Godly Abyssal Ring of Fatality - +10 QS/+10 Assassinate SOLD
Godly Abyssal Ring of Treachery - +10 Rend/+10 Riposte SOLD
Majestic Abyssal Ring of Enduring - +7 Howling Wind/+7 Sanctuary
Royal Abyssal Ring of Enduring - +8 Howling Wind/+8 Sanctuary

Hrung Gear
Mighty Trollfang Helm of Sneaky Attack - 100 Strength/+6 Sneaky Attack Boost
Mighty Trollblood Helm of Breath - 100 Focus/+6 Natures Breath Boost
(2) Imperial Mighty Cuff of Shielding - 100 Damage/125 Armour/Cunning BOTH SOLD
Royal Mighty Armlet of Shielding - 80 Heat Damage/100 Armour/Ranged
Royal Mighty Cuff of Shielding - 80 Heat Damage/100 Armour/Cunning
Royal Vital Cuff of Smiting - 80 Heat Damage/500 Health/Cunning
Imperial Frostopal Ring - 90 Cold Damage
Royal Stormpearl Ring - 80 Magic Damage
Majestic Venomjade Ring - 70 Poison Damage
Majestic Frostopal Ring - 70 Cold Damage

Necro Gear
Majestic Necral Ring of Blood - 700 Dagger/70 Strength/70 Vitality (Adds 100 Damage) SOLD

Event Gear
Royal Frostiron Bracelet of Healing - +8 Natures Touch
Garanak Bloodthorn Set SOLD
Garanak Shrivewood Set SOLD
Skain Bloodthorn Set (Only set in Mabon) SOLD
Garanak Bladeleaf Charm and Ring
Jalan Bladeleaf Set
Heaps of Jalan pieces
Osan's Blood Jewel Necklace - +9 Shadowstrike Boost (Last event) SOLD
Imperial Emberdrake Bracelet of Stealth - Sneaky and Assassinate Skill Boost (Level 190)
Royal Emberdrake Bracelet of Renewal - 80 Focus/Natures Touch and Breath Boost
Royal Silverweb Charm of Farsight - +8 Steady Aim/+8 Longshot

Mythic Cape - 100/50
Sage's White Stallion - 100/15/30 Speed Boost
Primastic Grovehawk - 50 Speed (Bounty Rare Mount)
Eldritchsteed of Oblivion - 95/50/50 with Speed Boost
Exalted Karpati Nightflyer - 80 Speed (Freeze Mount)

Majestic Orphic Band of Umbral Blade - 135 Strength/110 Dexterity/1025 Health (Level 205 Brace) SOLD
Imperial Orphic Ring of Natures Touch - +9 Natures Touch Boost (Level 215 Ring) SOLD

Runic Shield of Endurance (Level 200)
Quiver of the Wind (Level 150)
Trailblazer's Band of the Falcon - 100 Heat Damage (Level 190)
(2) Reaper Rings One left
Ageless Flight of Focus - 12% Max Energy Boost
Eternal Flight of Rejuvenation - 50 Energy Boost Per Tick

I have a ton of yellow fashion sets and most are with effects.

I have all lixes available also but no Hero Combos. HASTES, COMBOS, HKS ALL SOLD

email me in game or here
Please serious offers only.

Thank you.
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