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Re: Elite vs Wolfgang

Something worth mentioning.
I havent logged on since new update and i deleted game since its impossible to stay on for more then thirty seconds without a crash, asumming i could even get into game. I havent been to forums recently either, i come back today and i see a post called Elite vs Wolfgang, and im like, "good 'greif'" ( :lol: ) and i see a topic thats based on the two clans finally getting along! Grats, and i hope that the minor griefers stop soon.
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Re: Elite vs Wolfgang

NUKE MAGE wrote:
DeltCH wrote:Well i talked too soon! I give up :/

No, you simply just sent them a challenge to start griefing again. ;_; They wanted to prove you wrong. :-/

Pff it will never end i guess! :/ i just say nothin anymore :/

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