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Clan - DevineForces (please apply to be one of are allies)


DevineForces is a clan mainly owned by me and omnious , thor as 2nd owners.
Please reply here to be one of my allies , my clan is strong. Your choice of death or life.

These are my current and very close clan allies ...

- Legion (owner - Wolf)

- Juppongatana - Raven

- KingsofWar - Omnious is main - I am 2nd owner-

Well there my most trust worthy , if you wish to apply please do . We have 30 members. 20+ .
we have 15 lvl 50s. World - Mabon..

- Thanks :)

P.S Hold tight for update , gona be wicked.
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IGN: Rogue (Rogue)
IGN: Mage (Mage)
World: Mabon
Clan: DivineForces

Re: Clan - DevineForces (please apply to be one of are allie

well I am the leader of sonsofswords, and it is soon to be changed to kingsofwar before the update so kingsofwar dose not exist currently.
if u are form a different server (world) and u want to join than there is only two requirements, u must be at least lvl 30, and u must be an active player
thank you for reading my comment
Name: Omnious
world: mabon
clan: chief of SonsofSwords

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