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Re: Rebels

Do to certain events in the past week, the "Rebels" are closed to new members. We are still very active and you will be seeing us. The clan is not declining but is just closing its doors to new members. The leader of the clan is "Nito" and forum name is "Yesteryear" for those who didn't know he was the leader. Contact him for things relating to our clan.

This has been a public service announcement. :D

Re: Rebels

I think it would be best to make Rebels a 30+ clan.
That way, we don't have a problem with spies like we did last time.
I am still thinking about this issue though.
I have never liked the idea of having to make people level fast or, require any requirements to be in my clan. However, due to that spy that clearly only wants to cause trouble for my clan, I think it might be best to have requirements.
Rebels, please post on this.
IGN: Nito (Mage)
IGN: Nitio (Druid)
World: Mabon
Clan: Rebels

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