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Novalis’s 50th Dhiothu Kill

I know everyone is sick and tired of Dino updates *cough* Arawn *cough* :D , but Novalis of Mabon just killed Dino for our 50th time! Hell of a journey it’s been, our first kill was 3 hours long and now we can kill within 30 minutes of her spawning. I’m EXTREMELY proud of every Novalis member since we get close to 0 complaints when we say that they have to sit ley due to the tp cap, and players who generally are in the raid step down to let someone who maybe hasn’t had the chance to help kill her.

Still no named tier drop yet.... but we did get our first ever dagger from #50 lol
Our record kill time is 11:50



Now maybe Tim will stop complaining :?
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Re: Novalis’s 50th Dhiothu Kill

I’m from arawn and I say congrats! it’s nice to see how other servers are doing tbh.. regardless of what the trolls on forums have to say :)

Anyone on any server who wants to post how they are progressing and what dropped go for it imo.. if u don’t like it I have a very simple solution don’t click and read it.. but for those of us that do enjoy reading this stuff, as I’m sure many others do as well.. keep us updated :)

Cheers and congrats on 50th kill big milestone

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