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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Hi my name is Leo (In real life), In game as you all know, Laplace
playing since 2013 but still unknowing how to play and tried to quit once but the game improvement surprised me so, I decided to continue playing
I love spending time with clan mate who are not stubborn and wont help themselves, Doesn't matter if our clan is small, what matters is what you're deeply feeling towards the clan
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In real life, I love spending time with family, Playing Skyrim and Celtic Heroes, I'm Introvert.

My name is Laplace, I am the fastest being. Nothing can overwhelmed me or escape from my visions, even Death's itself.


Server: Sulis
Name: Laplace
Class: Rogue
Clan: 1337
Level: 222


My Channel: LaplaceRogue
Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGJiX7 ... NKlT5dpeNQ
CheezWiz: thats because leo is a god

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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves

Hello Sulis im appfan I have a main that was level 145 rogue and two alts that are 35+. I like to level with friends because boggans are getting hard. I am in clan soldiersofjah and i love it. I like to duel log so Can tak down bosses and hard mobs. I killed my first boss that was bubulus the wrathful I r whatever. I was happy. I als killed event boss galar acyolate 50 5* i almost died but i killed it.

in real life im five years old, i like ti draw, paint, play video games, and eat poptarts
My favorate people in sulis and prob the nicest are
DonaldTrump (politcalcheese)
Lord Ramsay

tanks for reading. :)
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Sulis - MartinEledore - 40+
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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

conqueror wrote:Hello just joined this game and server
ign: RangerConqueror

Any chating app server used ?

Welcome to Sulis! SoldiersofJah uses Line for chat, I believe Retribution still does too. Both keep their chat groups for clan members only, though there may be one or two serverwide chat groups (I’m only aware of a buy/sell one, there could be more that no one told me about :P).
Have questions about anything? PM me!
Alternatively, you can occasionally find me online in Sulis.
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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Hi, my IGN name is HealsOfHell. I am on Sulis and I have been on Sulis since Yule 2011. Many people probably don't know that because I was a different druid then and then was a rogue and then went to fingal because my iPod no longer supported Celtic Heroes and then went back to Sulis when crossplatforms were introduced. I have some retired items to prove it though. Have always hated leveling, but have been able to level more because of the added storyline and repeatable quests. :)

I had some trouble with the fourm (my own fault) which is why I just recently started posting on here.

My favorite sport to play is volleyball and then basketball.

My interests are coding and game development. :)

I am currently in the clan Evolution. Shout out to the generals there. They are very nice. I actually got to watch one of them get promoted from guardian to general and I have done a lot of boss hunting with her.

I feel like Sulis (and the game) has grown a ton because I used to see scams much more often and here about it more back then. Now I literally haven't seen any trading scams, but I have seen ah scams.

I feel like people are nicer now than it used to be as well. I will continue to enjoy my time on Sulis. :)
155 Druid Sulis
122 Ranger fingal
96 Rogue Sulis


Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Hey guys, this is Vis, I just started playing sulis, looking for a fresh start in a new server. I’m already amazed At seeing how friendly are the people in here (Giovanni my italian brother and Laplace, I love them already), especially compared to lugh, server where I’m coming from and I want to thank you for that. Can’t wait to meet you all and reach endgame and have some fun together!
Vis: Rogue 224
Clan: Toxic

Neero: Warrior lvl 231
Enea: Mage lvl 220

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