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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Hiho! I downloaded CH since samhain/yule 2011 but started playing seriously back at Samhain 2012.

My IGN is Frejlheir 148 ranger. I don't like lvling much since it is boring, but had to since I want a higher challenge with high tier boss raids.

I do like farming, getting lux and getting some fashion.

Why did I make a female character? Fashion looks way better on female characters. I don't like new animations for female character though :/

Irl I'm 24 years old, 2nd semester of master's degree on materials science. I like watching sports (except tenis or golf), like a wide variety of music, reading sci-fi, war fantasy, post-apocalyptic books, watching series like TBBT, Marvel's agents of SHIELD, Grimm and TWD.

I'm open to talk about my hobbies with anyone ;) (except if I'm on lix)
By Frejlheir from Sulis

Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

I got more haters in sulis then festo. Im lovein it. I remember spamming the line chat i regret that. D: but ya know im a noob
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Sulis - Appfan3 - 160+
Sulis - MartinEledore - 40+
Sulis - WellsFargo - 1 (B)
Donn - Infectious - 60+ (R)
Lugh - Secret account

B = Bank
R = Retired


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