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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

I am minime :P lvl 100 of course some of you guys know me as a loveable guy or a noob in 7ths perspective ;) anyways i have a lvl 126 in rhiannon and a 162 in sulis i work at a lumber mill and enjoy hunting btw i am no hillbilly (i dont mean to discriminate) i live in Windsor Canada and love the outdoors,I've started playing football for the nobles team of brdhs my real name is sky look me up on Instagram skysoutar27
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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Robert wrote:Played since Yule 2012, was a newb all of update 2 in ONshotE, joined Nadeje's Endure on early update 3 which was later renamed to SulisLegends, after that clan collapsed me and a few friends created OT which later joined Genesis lead by Hellrzr.

Level 190 rogue, IGN RobertsRogue. Not a very friendly to other people unless I know them, help my friends out when they need it. Not really interested in helping people that won't help themselves, especially those that think SS is the only skill a rogue needs... Done alot of ksing in sulis usually because of 'political' reasons :lol: I'm also proficient when playing all classes at a high level. I enjoy the challenge of being in a small clan, and also the bonds that are created when you know everyone in your clan well. Irl, I enjoy soccer (Who doesn't?) and going to the cinemas :geek:

Hello Robert
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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

I'm CAUTION, chieftain of EternalPeace. I'm probably one of the angriest players ever to walk Sulis. I have frenzies in the arena when I am really happy or upset. I care for very few in Sulis, but treat the people I care for pretty well. I'm very hot headed. I've been pretty chill for a while and trying to run my clan, have little time to mess with others in the arena. Hahaha

Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Hello I am Osirise/Nexus. Im 17, lives in the US (Ohio)
My Real Name is Nick.
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