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Re: Further Information.

There are a good amount of rare items.. Just extremely expensive in some cases lol.
Um levels go from 1-193 I believe XD..
Clans: Retribution (Ret lol), Transendent, SoldiersofJah, AngelsofMercy, Genesis.. Those are the main clans that come to my head at the moment.
A lot of friendly and unfriendly people! Would say a plus for more friendly though!
There are some scammers, but not many that I can think of..
I hope this helps, lemme know guys if I missed something!
P.S. Ret has almost all the high level players, like 97% of them...
:D :) :shock: :lol: :P :) :D :mrgreen: :D :) :lol: 8-) :shock:
World: Sulis
Ranger: Bamafan
Genesis Baby!!!

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