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Happy birthday pegasus

Wooo happy happy birthday to our awesome clan pegasus, celebrating the anneversary with an awesome bt kill, gifting us awesome drops :D

Cheers :) and gratz to todays pega games winners, was an awesome expierence with the clan :D





Op killer lvl 221 rogue

Legacyte 220 tank

Withered tree 215 druid

Azraell 181 locker ranger

Re: Happy birthday pegasus

Wahoooo happy birthday Peg!!!!!! Y’all still nabs but I Loge you all!!!!

And yes PegaGames was great, those 9 boggan charms will be worn with pride :D
MrsDredd - 223 Rogue
Penny Dreadful - 220 Tank Warrior
NurseDredd - 220 Druid
DreadOnFire - 220 Fire Mage
Dreadshot - 203 Ranger

Pegasus, Lugh
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