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Clan Lux and an open server

Hello there

I recently created a new clan called Lux. With this clan I strife to create a relaxed atmosphere again to enjoy the game again. There are not many obligations, you can play the game how you want to play it. Merch, fish, cook, socialize or kill bosses, it's all up to you.

We have a soft requirement of 120+ to be able to join this clan. However, if you get recommended by a clan member you may you join as well.

We have a Line group chat outside the game to stay in touch with each other. We also have a clan timer app on http://www.hardcoremobilegamer.com to share boss timers with each other.
If other clans want to work together with us and be included in this timer app, you can send me a message. Same applies to our Line group, the more the merrier. I hope other clans will join in on this idea as well. I truely believe that an open inclusive system is the way to make Lugh flourish again.

So if you are interested to work together with Lux or join us, feel free to send a message to one of my toons or any Lux member.

I have a provisional set of rules how to handle bosses when members from multiple clans are there:

These are the provisional rules our clan will use for now. Rules may be adjusted or added based on feedback from people that actively coöperate within this system.
Requirement to join a boss fight:
-The player is no more than 10 levels below the boss
-The player arrives on time.
For raids this means that the player will be there before the first move is made. E.g. for mordy the player arrives before the first sent is pulled, at necro the player arrives before the first aco is pulled, at proteus the player arrives before the add tank starts tanking the adds and for gelebron it means that the player arrives before the the sent tanks are send out during the first crystal round. Players will say with the say function ‘here’ to let the other players know that they have arrived. The raid leader will mark with the shout function when the raid has started. Anyone who says here after that moment is considered late and is not eligible to roll for drops at that fight.
For armour and legacy bosses you are considered to be in time until the boss is locked. If the player can say ‘here’ before anyone can shout locked that player is on time. Anyone who arrives after someone shouted ‘locked’ will be considered late and is not eligible to roll for drops.
-Melee toons are required to use haste and attack boost elixers at raids. It’s your own responsibility to have a stock of these before the fight starts.

The rolling system works like this:
-The person who gets the kill will be the ‘dicemaster’. All drops will be traded to the dicemaster. The dicemaster will lead the rolling process
- Drops will be rolled by class. This includes raid and armour drops. The item description will determine what class it belongs to. For armour drops the colour code will determine that. Red=warrior Blue=mage Purple=Rogue Yellow=ranger Green=Druid
-Everyone can roll for non-class drops e.g. conflux of pureness and frost orbs
Exceptions: mordris attack helms are considered to be melee items and only warriors, rogues and rangers can roll for these. Vice versa for focus mordy helms. Skain/garanak elemental sets are considered to be melee items as well. Shrive and spirit sets are exclusively for casters.
-No matter how many toons you bring, you can roll only once
-Items will be rolled from best to worst. Class drops will be rolled before non-class drops
-If there is only 1 group present at a boss and the class drop already lands on the right class, then there is no need for rolls. Or if there is only 1 of that class present, that person will win the drop by default. E.g. A purple bear drops, stonelord has been killed by 1 group. In this group there was only 1 rogue. The rogue will win the drop by default.

Re: Clan Lux and an open server

Thoro wrote:so basically u want lugh back to how it was before, alli turned it dom?

This is correct. A few small tweaks from the old rules though, like 1 roll per real person instead of per toon and no restrictions on selling or buying armour drops.
It is almost similar to epona's rolling system. I think the only difference is the determinant when someone is late at a boss and certain class rolls.

Re: Clan Lux and an open server

Epona boss rules: dL req for necro and prot, dL doesn’t matter for hrung/mord. Edl req for gele and bt. Hrung and mord are all roll, rest are class call with whatever alt you’re calling meets all the requirements of level and gear. Necro you’re late once acos pulled, we pull them all at once now, mord you’re late once priest is dead and mord pulled, prot is when prot is pulled not adds, gele is late at actual pull not first crystal run and BT late when first round of roots dead and BT pulled to kill.

DL/EDL bosses 180+ are class call and alt must be level req 10 below.

Haste is usually a req at prot/gele/BT and sometimes at necro depending on numbers

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