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I’ve decided to turn myself in to the legal system of Virtual Realms. I can’t live with my guilt anymore. You can find me in Other World, I might be passed out in a bed of other worldly poppy’s since getting messed up on those is the only way I can get any sleep through this guilt trip. If not at the poppy’s you can find me by the mushrooms because hallucinating off these is he only way I could walk about my day without these images in my head. However, if I’m to the point where I’ve already endulged myself with those I take to Carrow or Gele’s Tower to take my hate out on some quote unquote monsters. Rarely will I go to the castle as to not draw attention to myself.

Bottom line is I am done running and you guys need to stop me before I get the crave again. Though I don’t deserve it, I beg of you a swift unbrutal arrest.


P.S. hun, please get back on your meds... it’s only a matter of time before you stop ‘trying’ to hurt ppl verbally but rather yourself physically.

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