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Alliance- Who are we and recruitment

Hello fellow players,

Lately I've heard some odd stories about our clan so I would like to clarify a few things and tell our viewpoint of what we are trying to be/become.

Who are we?

We are currently the only clan in Lugh that can kill every boss in this game. We dominate dl/edl and raid bosses in Lugh and are by no way the underdog clan ;). Rest assured, we are not as broken and inactive as some players like to tell nowadays. You could say we are still the dominant clan in Lugh.

We used to gear our players trough a loot councel system, a system in which a group of general and guardians pass out gear based on our observations. We are proud to announce that we are going to move on to a dkp system starting sunday the 25th, and with this we made a brand new website for our clan! For more information about this dkp system you can visit our website and go to the forums.

Our primary focus is on end-game content and raid bosses. We still farm DL and EDL bosses as well for the DL/EDL weapons. Fully preparing for the corrupted gardens! We try to kill proteus on spawn. We aim to kill gelebron twice a week but this has to be scheduled and may vary per week depending on how many people are available. All other raids get killed asap.


Despite already having the manpower to kill every boss in this game, we are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining our clan you can apply to our website. Here is a link: turquoise.guildlaunch.com

*edit: Special thank you for dark kitty for all the helpfull information and tips to set up the dkp system!! You are awesome!
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Re: Alliance- Who are we and recruitment

Lets chill please :)

Im sure there has been some griefing done by clannies of both clans but im also sure gens gaurds and chiefs of boths clans are against that and punish their members for doing so.

Trash talking.... stop being soft it happens when people rage if you feel offended OTM blessed us with a block button.

Dont reply to this becuz its gonna be a chain reply from this guy this guy this guy and its gonna continue and becomes a war till its locked.

This is for all not pointing fingers.....

Thank u- legacyte tank from pegasus

Op killer lvl 221 rogue

Legacyte 220 tank

Withered tree 215 druid

Azraell 181 locker ranger

Re: Alliance- Who are we and recruitment

Please edit first paragraph under who we are. Far outdated and partially a lie as we dropped Gelebron in Pegasus several times 6 weeks prior before this was posted and continue to do so. Also lugh does not currently kill bloodthorn. All bosses may mislead xfers and newcomers tho bt was yet released at this date of time.

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