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Legacyte buy n sell UPDATED may 4th

Mighty silver web helm of the carapace 75k
Boreal aoen harp 7500 gold
Red candycane 10k
Blue winterstave 10k
Fiery brand 7500 gold
Godly banshee 100k
Yellow candycane 10k
Green candycane 10k
Gleaming bagpipes increase 100 evasions 70k
Imperial banshee 80k
Minor blazewand of dor-keln 15k
Wintry horn of ice 6%hp 20k
Brilliant aoen drum armour 40 25k
Crisp aeon flue of ice 15k
Icy aeon warhorn 10k
Flaming brand 10k
Frosty candycane 50k
Hammer of the icelord 7500 gold
Frosted charm of decay (10+ soldier lure misc) 50k

Mighty blightcasters circlet of the crag +6 lure of ice brace , 60 foc , 280 ice magic. 90k

Red vindi set 60k
Blue wyld set 275k
Black ardmair mask 85k
Blue sanghal wig 35k
Bogan charms 25k ea
Orange darkrider set 100k
Crowns 10k ea
Wayfarers headdress 15k ea
Nature masks 10k ea
Hunter masks 30k ea
Orange top hat 50k
Sanghal pieces got a ton pm me
Orange fg set missing hat nd gloves 135k
Yellow lanrik glove boot 30k ea
Eagle masks 10k ea
Horse masks 10k ea
Pheonix masks 15k ea
Blazing pheonix red 125k
Stables 20k
Frost 75k
Almost all fash tokens but white nd black pm me

black vandi pants
Yellow fg gloves
Sanghal pieces to complete sets
Black blond or brown glenmor wigs or lanrik wigs

Pm me in game Legacyte
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Op killer lvl 221 rogue

Legacyte 220 tank

Withered tree 215 druid

Azraell 181 locker ranger

Re: Legacyte buy n sell UPDATED pt2

I'll buy the necro too :) I'm not even from your server XD, but I'll find a way to xfer :0
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