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A bit about Lugh the real truth

RUN RUN AWAY AND DONT LOOK BACK The people of Lugh are nuts. Crazy even!!!
Let me start from the beginning and explain

My names Natedog ive known these lands for as long as I can remember. Life here was great at first I mean going to the tavern for mead and wenches partying in carrowmore with the cave trolls and wenches eating wolf meat with the whenches it was fun. But what was once a fun proud land slowly turned into a cruel upset of bitter rivals. Upon returning from a long quest I had to take I made my way back to the castle only to find it reduced to mere rubble. The roads were filled with the blood of old clans ancient clans even, no pun intended, devistated by what my old beloved land had become I seeked out the cannibals who did this

I traveled for days till I finally reached the tower of Gelebron. Entering the tower I found my self disgusted to find the clan feasting on monsters and other Celtic heroes whom dared to be there. Harvesting the drops from the remains of the dead bodys I couldn't help but throw up a bit. This is when the real terror that had befallen upon me became true. I looked up and read the clan name I was in dissbelief I couldn't understand it how could this happen? I turned away there he was the leader of the clan. My leader.

The one they call Axon.

I tried to speak but nothing came out except the fear in my breath then he spoke in a might voice. This is the new way, there's no stopping it, you need us. Backing up quickly I replied No this wasn't how it was supposed to be!

Axon gave me no chance as suddenly he bit me on my shoulder and said Mwaha-ha. Don't you see we're not cannibals were vampires!!

I fell to my knees raising my hands to the sky I screaming to the heavens in vain.

Now I walk these lands eating the souls and drops off other clans so yes RUN! RUN AWAY!! For you cannot change what is unchangable you can only join the top clan so if u don't like vampires u are not for lugh.

Thank you for reading this now I must feed. Muahaha

Re: A bit about Lugh the real truth

Some of the...erm...Ancient people are still around. Come to think of it, only those who really like garlic...

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Re: A bit about Lugh the real truth

The vampires took me hostage when I first came to lugh but their selfish chief didn't like my blood type so he set me free where I was then scratched by the independent werwolves who were looking for new victims and the remains of the vampires so they can rise up and hopefully take down the vampires once and for all
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