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-lvl 140 pendant of perception(165 focus 90 vit w/ 600 shield skill)
-exalted karpati nightflyer (200 armour+200 resists w/ insta cast freeze skill) very op mount :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
-focus of the seer
-lvl 100 shield of rampart
-lvl 190 pendant of vigilance(220 focus 140 vit w/ 800 shield skill)
-lvl 120 battlemage's bracelet of wands(75 focus, +5 energy shield, 250 wand ability)
-lvl 120 fiiremage's bracelet of focus(75 focus, +5 firebolt, 250 fire magic ability)

theres more than this but im too lazy to type :D
plz mail me in game @peep if youre interested in a specific item or want to know what else i have for sale
ty :)

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